Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Harvard Professors Demonstrating Higher Education Elitism

Professors at Harvard Confronted Lawrence Summers in a recent faculty meeting. You may recall, Summers had come under heavy fire from libs, feminists and elitists for suggesting that inherent differences in men and women may explain the disparity in representation in scientific fields. This suggestion was made as part of a conference addressing such issues and Summers was asked to provoke discussion with his talk.

The most amazing and hypocritical part of the Harvard faculty's newest attack on their president is their assertion that his leadership is adverse to an open discourse of ideas:
Most speakers took aim at Dr. Summers for what they described as an autocratic management style that has stifled the open debate that is at the core of the university's values. While their comments were respectful, they were forceful and were greeted by strong applause.

I wonder if any of these people who so value an open discourse of ideas are the same people who walked out on Summers' presentation , or any of his colleagues who subsequently berated him in the press, or any of the people who called for his resignation. Apparently the standard is that if you suggest ideas which are considered politically incorrect, you are maligned and forced to retract anything you have to say. If, however, you are one of the smarty elites, anything you have to say must be worth open discourse. Discourse being the complete acceptance of your views and no criticism or debate of your ideas. Any suggestion that an elite's ideas are incorrect is called stifling and censorship. We all know most of university faculty are lefty elites, this just proves that the same holds true at Harvard.

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