Monday, February 07, 2005


Michelle Malkin Gets Confirmation On Eason Jordan's Accusation of Journalist Assassination By US Troops

Chris Dodd had his spokesman speak with Malkin and he confirmed what has been previously reported by a few blogs - that CNN's chief of international news gathering had accused the US military of targeting and killing US and other journalists. Dodd's statement:
"Senator Dodd was not on the panel but was in the audience when Mr. Jordan spoke. He – like panelists Mr. Gergen and Mr. Frank – was outraged by the comments. Senator Dodd is tremendously proud of the sacrifice and service of our American military personnel."

Malkin also has spoken with Barney Frank (D-Mass.) and David Gergen who moderated the panel where Jordan leveled these charges.

From Frank:
Rep. Frank said Eason Jordan did assert that there was deliberate targeting of journalists by the U.S. military. After Jordan made the statement, Rep. Frank said he immediately "expressed deep skepticism." Jordan backed off (slightly), Rep. Frank said, "explaining that he wasn't saying it was the policy of the American military to target journalists, but that there may have been individual cases where they were targeted by younger personnel who were not properly disciplined."
From Gergen:
David Gergen, who moderated the Davos panel on which CNN exec Eason Jordan appeared, spoke with me by phone this afternoon about the controversy.
First, Gergen confirmed that Eason Jordan did in fact initially assert that journalists in Iraq had been targeted by military "on both sides." Gergen, who has known Jordan for some 20 years, told me Jordan "realized as soon as the words had left his mouth that he had gone too far" and "walked himself back." Gergen said as soon as he heard the assertion that journalists had been deliberately targeted, "I was startled. It's contrary to history, which is so far the other way. Our troops have gone out of their way to protect and rescue journalists."
Gergen mentioned that Jordan had just returned from Iraq and was "caught up in the tension of what was happening there. It's a raw, emotional wound for him."
Now with the comments confirmed by many, we have to ask about the source. Eason Jordan has been described as the CNN chief news executive and by others as chief of foreign news gathering. Either way, his position amounts to control over the information and stories CNN reporters and news gathers are working on. As many would like us to believe, news gathering rarely starts with a "see what you can find out about such-and-such." Rather, bureau chiefs and execs send out requests like "get me a story about how the Marines are assassinating journalists." So with CNN's news gathering being run by a conspiracy theorist and an apparent anti-military activist, how does CNN expect to keep credibility with it's viewers. No wonder FoxNews routinely creams CNN for ratings. On top of a further loss of credibility for CNN, the complete lack of coverage by the MSM and the lack of any response by CNN except this one, in which they simply state Jordan is being taken out of context has "cover-up a-la Rather" written all over it.

Here is CQ's response to Jordans lame attempt to explain away his accusatory comments. Note the numerous other times Jordan has slandered the US and it's military while speaking to anti-US groups on foreign soil. I'm getting nauseated just writing this post.

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