Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Oh No! We Suck Again!

We beat an arguably good team (Washington), which we should do at home. Then we follow it up with a loss AT HOME to Washington State. This is pathetic. We had beaten Wazzu an amazing 38 times in a row. That's 19 years without a loss. I wasn't even in high school the last time UofA lost to WSU. I believe in putting your foot on the throat of an opponent, then pressing down firmly. Never let them believe that they can beat you.

Now a loss is a loss, but a loss at home to a perennial Pac-10 doormat is a bad loss. The NCAA selection committee looks at the quality of losses as well as the quality of wins. If we remain in the 12-16 range in the polls, expect us to be looking at a 5-6 seed, and possibly out of the West region. The Selection Committee has proven itself to be exceptionally harsh on the UofA come seeding time, and this year should be no different. And we should note this loss as the reason why.

Personal Note: wait, this is a blog - it's all personal. Dick Bennett is an ass. He went from Big-10 respectability to Pac-10 doormat. Now he's gloating in his rare win on the road with his boring-ball style of basketball. The last time games went this slow, Dr. James Naismith was hanging up peach baskets before contests. Enjoy it while you can, Dick - cause it won't last.

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