Thursday, February 17, 2005


Our Thoughts Are With Tedy Bruschi - NFL- Bruschi recovering after suffering mild stroke In the 1990s Tedy Bruschi was the emotional leader and hard hitting backbone of the Arizona Wildcat desert swarm defense. Tedy has kept up his intense, hard nosed football with the Patriots and has three Super Bowl rings to prove it.

Bruschi apparently suffered a small hemorrhagic stroke on Wednesday which was discovered after he started experiencing numbness, blurred vision and headaches. This type of stroke is not the type of stroke suffered by your grandparents, which is due to blood being cut off by a blood clot or atherosclerosis. Rather, hemorrhagic strokes are essentially burst blood vessles in the brain caused by such things as high blood pressure or weakened blood vessel walls. According to the team spokesman, Tedy is doing fine and they have not mentioned any permanent loss of faculties.

All current and former Wildcats should be proud of Tedy's accomplishment through hard work and unselfish dedication to his team. We here at Three Men and a Blog wish Tedy a speedy and full recovery. Bear Down.

Update: The Tucson Citizen has a more comprehensive report on Bruschi's medical condition. It appears he will do well and make a full recovery.

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