Thursday, February 17, 2005


Steroids in Baseball?????

Asterisks? We don't need no stinkin asterisks!
I grew up admiring players on the Boston Red Sox, and Mike Greenwell was one of those players. He was a great baseball player and I clearly remember the 1988 MVP season he had. Jose Canseco has come up with a "shocking" announcement - Baseball players took steroids. Well, let me tell ya, anyone who knows anything about athletic and the body knew these guys were on 'roids. As a teenager, I knew McGwire and Canseco were on steroids. Look at them, HELLO. Wait, Breaking News just in... Barry Bonds .... People wake up. Look at his career, his physique over the years. The physique is the key. Look at Reggie Sanders. He works out. His arms are cut and defined, they are not swollen with water. If you were to squeeze Bonds, Canseco, Sosa, or McGwire they would pop like a pimple. Now these sports reporters want to "break the story" and ooh and ahh on this news. They are the guys who refused to do their job and reveal these users so that they could get as close to the players as possible. They didn't do their job, they looked the other way so they could be "cool" with these athletes they were star struck with. Now, steroids is the hip story and they don't need to be close to these record breakers anymore . So, now they are asking and trying to persuade the public to buy into the asterisk concept. Well, it was completely wrong to place an asterisk next to Roger Marris' Home Run record. That was prompted by the sports reporters who wanted to hold onto the glory of Babe Ruth. The argument was that Marris played more games and that allowed him to break the record. True, but that is the game. The asterisk served to remember something great. If we keep an asterisk next to these cheaters names, we are not punishing them for breaking the rules. They cheated, simple enough. By leaving them in the record books with an asterisk, you dishonor every true legit baseball player who ever played the game as well as every player who followed the rules, did it right, and was cut from the sport. We don't need no stinkin' asterisks, they need to be removed from the record books of Major League Baseball completely.

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