Wednesday, February 16, 2005


A True American - General Tommy Franks

Today I had the extreme pleasure of attending a "Get Motivated" seminar in America West Arena here in Phoenix. Among the noted speakers were, Jerry Lewis, noted speaker Zig Ziglar, Rudolph Giuliani, Joe Montana, and noted sales expert Tom Hopkins. More on them later. The day was made with the 45 min. Speech of General Tommy Franks. If you EVER get a chance to listen to this authentic Texan, pay whatever it takes. He is a true inspiration to all Americans. He added great humor to his presentation and was a real "hoot". However, it was not some stand up act. (he could have made a great living doing that) General Franks discussed his 5 C's in working to great relationships. They start with conflicts and end up with cooperation. That was his plan, while commanding 20 countries in the Middle East during our most troubled times in this last decade. I will give highlighted comments from his discourse. Some serious, some reflective, and some ....Humorous.
- I love it here in Phoenix, so many cactus here... where I am from in Texas, all we have are Bushes.
- I saw my high school principal, he said I can't see how you became a 4 star general. Isn't this country great. Where else can you come here, I can come here and we can get ideas, we can express ideas in our system.
- I am proud to be a Clinton 4 Star General (this got about 3 cheers in a crowd of 18,000), yes, I love George Bush, I really do, but that is what is great about our country, no matter the politics... we can be for war/against war, for Presidents or against, but we have the opportunity for discourse here and I am so proud that other places in the world are getting those opportunities. On Oct. 9th, Afghanis got that chance.
- Americans have no business shrugging their shoulders and being embarrassed for what we do, we should hold our heads up high and be proud. Yes I am arrogant because I know what we do is right and it will allow my grand kids and their grand kids to grow up.
- I was asked how I like being a bully, I reply - in 1983 remember Lebanon, how bout 1993 and our airmen in the Ryaid (Saudi Arabia) towers, in 1998 I know you remember our embassy's in Africa, and in 2000 the USS Cole in Yeman. We knew about Osama Bin Laden in 1993 and he was behind the trouble in Somalia ... Black Hawk Down.. We did nothing in 93, 98, 00, and in 2001 after September 11th, we finally did. We have gone down the do nothing road. No we are and if my grandchildren and their grandchildren will continue to be able to come hear to places like this, grow learn, and listen to each other in discourse... I have no problem with what we are doing.
- Believe it or not, I can speak for a while.. there aren't any of those national media people here are bout any French.......?
- Then we got a new administration (applause), that's right... we got a woman from Stanford and she is the BEST NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR WE HAVE EVER HAD, we then got a friend of mine, Colin Powell and he is the best Secretary of State we have ever had, and then a guy came on board with nobby elbows, yep, Donald Rumsfeld and he is the best we have ever had.
- I learned to read in Texas, 'bout at age 14, and the first thing I read was Julius Caeser. What I got from that was he talked a lot and was killed, so I'm going to get out of here now.
- One thing I learned from being retired, if you want the car to move, you need to sit in the front seat.
- My wife and I are the youngest people in Tampa Fla.
There is so much more and he was very American, and inspirational. It is clear the media was crude with Gen. Franks portraying him as uneducated, not a good communicator, anti-Bush, and retiring because he didn't agree with this administrations policies. NOTHING could be further from the truth.
If you ever get a chance to listen to General Tommy Franks, GO.

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