Wednesday, March 09, 2005


God loves KU

God loves Kansas. Or played for them. And those who vote in the poll don't want to commit heresy by punishing them in the standings. How the *$%^ else do you explain losing 4 of 6 and remaining in the top-10?

One of the key seeding criteria by the Selection Committee is how teams do down the stretch. Losses to unranked Missouri and Iowa State (AT HOME!) should be an embarassment. While it might be forgiveable at the start of the season, Kansas should be PUNISHED for performing this poorly with an experienced team. Yet they are still playing for a #2 seed!

If I were a stock analyst, I would set a target for KU at #15 and hoping for a #4 seed. Anything else is a crime. If you think otherwise, by all means let us know why.

Maybe God doesn't believe that they play basketball West of the Rocky

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