Friday, March 25, 2005


Leave The Cowards In Canada

Canada Denies Asylum To U.S. Army Deserter ( A 26 year old paratrooper from S.D. has been denied protection by the Canadian government. His application for asylum was based on his belief that the war was illegal. Unfortunately for Jeremy Hinzman, Canadian law only provides asylum for people who are likely to be tortured, killed or persecuted on return to their home country. There are also approximately 100 other deserters in Canda - all of whom are surely dissapointed by the ruling of the Canadian government. It is interesting to note that his attorney, Jeffry House, is a deserter from the Vietnam era.

I hope we are not wasting much time, effort or money to get these cowardly soldiers back. Do we really want to have to pay for them to spend time in a military prison? The answer should be to find them guilty in absentia, fine them for all the training, support, clothes and housing provided by the military, then strip them of US citizenship. While they will technically not repay their social debt to society and the military, loosing their citizenship as well as having an outstanding warrant for their arrest will ensrue they become Canada's - or some other country's - problem forever. In addition, they will hardly be living it up elsewhere - take this guy for example, he is working as a bicycle courier.

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