Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Minnesota School Killings: No Rich White Kids Dead = No News Coverage.

You may or may not have heard of the most recent school shooting, a-la Columbine. It occurred on a Minnesota Indian reservation. While this has caused a low hum in the blogosphere, I have seen little except superficial, quick coverage in the MSM. Let me preface the following remarks with the fact that I am the last person to buy into conspiracy theories and vast plots against mankind. Having said that, the undercoverage of this story is simply reflects that the Columbine killings were in a upper class, white suburb and the Minn. shootings occurred at a poor, native american school. I have argued for years that Columbine was a blown out of proportion suburbia anomoly made overly famous and popular by the 24 hour news media and 'movie of the week' producers. Years ago I lived just outside Detroit. We used to joke that the local news in Detroit had to be an hour long because the first 30 minutes were all the shootings and murders. Plenty of those stories took place at or near schools in the downtown, poorest parts of that city. Never did I see these stories retold on the national news. No 60-minutes segment or Dateline expose'. Just dead, poor, minority. Then Columbine comes along and everybody is in shock. How could this happen in such a well to do (white) school? Even the unscrupulous Mike Moore cashes in on the act with a movie. We all need to look at this dichotomous coverage and ask why. Take a close look at where you get your news and wonder if you are actually getting the whole story.

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