Sunday, April 17, 2005


Boston Globe's Seal Hunt Story - Another MSM Blunder

Michelle Malkin reports on the seal hunt story many of us read last week. It seems as if the greusom story of the seas running red with baby seal blood was reported and published in the Boston Globe - a few days before the hunt opened - by an author with a source who was not there. Apparently, the seal hunt opening day was postponed due to weather but the fact-checkers at the Globe missed that and published the story anyway which included descriptions of apparent eye-witness descriptions of the event. Not surprisingly, the article is no longer available at but here is the copy from the google cache:
Canadian seal hunt resumes

Animal rights organizations protest strongly

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia -- Over the vigorous protests of international animal-welfare organizations, the largest seal hunt in a half-century resumed yesterday off Newfoundland and Labrador. Hunters on about 300 boats converged on ice floes, shooting harp seal cubs by the hundreds, as the ice and water turned red. Most of the seals were less than 6 weeks old.

Below the Globe post, Malkin also has linked many other instances of the MSM either making up stories or publishing articles before the events actually happened. We should not be surprised given the sorry state of the MSM these days. A particularly bad problem lately is that many so-called news pieces are actually written by special interest or advocacy groups and then run on MSM newpapers and television as a real story. Rarely does the MSM bother to check these stories, which are really biased press releases, for accuracy. If you still feel you are getting unbiased or even accurate information from the average MSM news source, you may need to re-think your position.

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