Friday, January 21, 2005


Chrenkoff Puts Numbers On The Media Bias

Chrenkoff posts an excellent round up of the information being disseminated by the MSM about Iraq. Not surprisingly, the vast majority of stories are negative. In order to keep the scales balanced, read Chrenkoff's Good News From Iraq regularly.


Marilyn Kahle, Principal and University of Arizona Graduate, Turns 50

On a personal note, Aunt Marilyn Turns 50. I was just sent a link to pictures of the birthday party of one of my favorite aunts. I'm not sure about her politics - everyone has more or less the same politics after five of Dolf's margaritas. Anyway, she is a wonderful person who has been important to me since I was a kid. Marilyn spent time with us in AZ when I was growing up. Among other things she convinced a young me that Milky Way candy bars were parachuted in each evening from space and that if you eat liver it all goes into your left leg. Now that I'm a doctor, I know better - liver goes into your Right Leg. Marilyn is also a Wildcat and was fortunate enough to be in Tucson when they got rodeo week off of school and nobody really knew what the drinking age was. She, along with her husband, Dolf and their kids were awesome while I was in medical school in Ohio and I miss seeing them. She is still in Cleveland and it is still cold there from the looks of the pictures. Happy birthday Marilyn, see you in October.


Some Good Satire

Rice Punches Boxer In The Face During Confirmation Hearing I wonder who would win that fight...


Stoudamire stays hot and shoots down Ducks

Salim continues his hot streak. Having been stuck in Houston for the last six months, I have not been able to see much Wildcat sports. Mostly because there are about fifteen hundred colleges here in Texas and they all have to have played early games or be off completely for any west coast/Pac-10 sports to make it into my living room. Fortunately, the moon must have lined up with Venus and I had the full Cats-Ducks game to watch. I was a little concerned early when the Cat's spent the first five minutes down by five. My heart rate returned to normal when we took the lead and extended it to fifteen. Then the Cats let down. It was terrible to see a team which is trying to find it's groove completely let their game plan and intensity go. Up by eleven, Channing Frye takes a three pointer from the top of the arc and I thought to myself - sure we are up by eleven but this is not time to have our center start throwing up threes. Sure enough, a couple of steals later and the Ducks are within one point. Now my heart rate is up again and I'm starting to yell loud enough to wake up my fiancee (who gets cranky when she doesn't get enough sleep) so now I'm angry for two reasons. Fortunately, some decent leadership, some good shots and excellent play by Stoudamire and Adams the cats were able to pull it out. Now a W is a W but this team is just too "on the bubble" to ever let it's guard down. They need to keep the intensity up and beat the crap out of a few teams - then Frye can try some shot from downtown.

Oh by the way. Did you catch Oregon state crushed the scumdevils 88 to 66.


Partisan Democrats Delay Rice's Nomination

Dr. Rice's nomination for Secretary of State was delayed yesterday with a democrat filibuster which threatened to keep the congress from attending last night inauguration events. The sickening part of this is that while all the dems concede that Dr. Rice will be easily confirmed, they just wanted to hear their voices for a few more hours:

Senate Democrats objected to a full Senate vote on Thursday, saying they wanted more time for floor speeches.

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada raised the objection, saying Democrats needed four and a half hours to speak on the matter.

And as to the Democrat's willingness to work in a bipartisan manner, this pretty much sums it up:

While acknowledging that Rice will be confirmed eventually, some Democrats want to show they are ready to fight the president in his second term -- amid grumbling that party leaders did not stand up to Bush in his first term.

So we see that the blowhards from the left are willing to delay the inevitable so they can enjoy the sound of their own pieholes for nine more hours. Ih this case the left has truly lived op to being the party of the ass.


Protester Gets Pummeled For Protesting the Protesters has an article about a group of protest protesters. Apparently they were not welcome with the rest of the protesters near the inauguration route and were subsequently beat up by the anti-Bush protesters. Funny how the party who accepts everyone has very little tolerance for dissenting opinions.

On another note. Read this whole article. Read it carefully. What do you find? Well here is an example of actual journalism not filled with opinions, verbal slights and overt partisanship. Why do you think this is the case here? Easy, because it is a story about a group of left-friendly, Bush-haters who perpetrated assault and battery on a group of people who were expressing their first amendment rights. Contrast this with most any story about the war in Iraq which usually begins with the false conclusion that there were no WMDs found, that the war is a quagmire and that we are loosing. The bias reported is all to clear in this WaPo article when compared to the remainder of their work.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005


You Need A Licence To Cut A Dog's Hair, But Anybody Can Become A Parent

Man Charged with Choking Son's Hockey Coach Yet another in the many examples of parents acting like complete idiots right in front of their children.

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